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Sure, you can rip your own CDs to digital files, but who has the time?

Each CD takes an average of 10-16 minutes to rip. That means a collection of only 200 CDs could take you anywhere from 33 to 53 hours to rip by yourself! Imagine sitting at your computer for 2 days straight!



Now, picture yourself taking only 10 minutes to fill out our online form and another ten minutes placing your CDs in our pre-paid insured packaging. For the next week, you can go on with your life and before you know it, you'll receive your discs and digital versions of each track on a DVD in the mail.

We use professional high-speed equipment with high-quality error checking, data grooming, and reporting features to make sure your music is transferred the way you expect.



Unlike other services, we provide the extras you want at a fair price. We charge by the disc rather than for a range, meaning that you'll only be charged for what you send us. What else do you get with