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Is this service legal?

Sure, it's perfectly legal. As the owner of your music on CD, you are permitted to make and keep a backup copy as long as you retain ownership of the originals. These backup files are for your use and are not to be traded, sold, or otherwise given away and while you are using these files, you must always retain ownership of the original CDs.

Are my CDs safe?

Yes, each CD that you send to us is insured for $12. (Please do not send highly valuable or irreplaceable CDs with your order). You will be able to track the progress of your order as it is shipped to and from our office and we'll keep you updated by e-mail on the status of your order as we're working on it.

What types of CDs will you rip?

We will rip any commercially produced original CD. We will not rip DVDs, homemade CD-Rs (mix CDs), or badly scratched discs

Do you rip DVDs?

No, we are not able to rips DVDs

How long does it take?

Once we receive your CDs it usually take us between 1-3 days to complete your order. we'll send you an e-mail to let you know we've received your discs and another as soon as we ship them back to you. Make sure our e-mail address,, is in your address book so the messages don't accidentally get deleted.

How do I ship my CDs to you?

Once we receive your order, we'll send you prepaid shipping materials, including a CD spindle for your collection. Do not send the jewel cases as they are quite heavy and brittle.

Is there a minimum number of CDs I can send?

While we can accept orders of any size, the minimum charge will be for 100 CDs. if an order is submitted for less than 100 CDs, we'll send you an e-mail to make sure we know what you're planning to send and you're aware of the minimum charge.

Do you offer album art?

Yes, we offer album art at no extra charge. After all, what fun is that little screen on your iPod if you can't see anything on it?

Is Ripadillo really the answer to my prayers?

Absolutely, after ripping all your tracks to digital files, you can load them to your portable player and take them just about anywhere. There's no more searching through stacks of CDs to find the right song and you can put away that ugly furniture you've bought to house your CDs.

What's the difference between the bitrates and which should Ichoose?

We can create files for you in two different bitrates, 196k or 320k. As the bitrate increases, the quality of the sound increases, but so does the size of the file. We recommend that you consider the trade-off between additional quality and file size to make sure that you can fit the music you want on to your player. While we can't choose the bitrate for you as each person's preference is different, we can give you some advice. Our standard bitrate is 192k, which we feel gives a superior sound quality while providing a reasonable file size based on the capacity of today's players. 320k provides a better quality, but is best suited for long term storage and not recommended for portable players.

What's the difference between encoding formats and which should I choose?

We offer three different encoding formats: MP3, WAV, and FLAC lossless. The benefit of using the MP3 format is that it is universally recognized by every player made and has set the standard for digital music. Nearly all of our customers choose this option. However, we make the others available for those who are less interested in taking their music with them on a portable player and instead what to have superior sound quality in a digital format. WAV and FLAC, unlike MP3, do not compress the file and result in an extremely large file size, making this format a disadvantage when loading to a portable player. If you're selecting WAV or FLAC, we may ask you to provide us with a portable hard drive for your files becuase of their large size.

What is an ID3 tag?

An ID3 tag is a set of information that identifies the artist, track name, genre, and track length.

How will I receive my music files?

You will receive your files on a DVDs

How do I load my music to my computer?

When you receive your CDs and DVDs with your ditigal files, we'll provide you with easy-to-follow instructions to load the music files to your computer. Once the files are on your computer, you'll just follow the normal process to load to your portable player.

Does sell portable music players or hard drives?

At this time, we do not offer players or hard drives. We are currently working with suppliers to begin offering these products in the future.

Why is your service different from the others?

Sure, there are other services that will convert your CDs to digital files. Some have even spent millions of dollars of venture capital to get their service up and running and they have to charge the rates to justify all that expense. We don't have a huge infrastructure to justify, so we're going to charge a fair rate to do the job right. We also designed our service so we give you all the extras that others charge for, like album art. After all, what fun is that little screen on your iPod if there's nothing there? Oh, and one more reason...that armadillo is so cute!

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